SPM results.

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As most Malaysians know, SPM results were released yesterday ! It was a really scene to see everyone on their phones during lunch time. Everyone was so nervous. My results came really unexpectedly. In fact, I received the news earlier than everyone else, because I'm cool like that :P

I know right you want me to cut the crap. I got straight A lol.
So for some reason, my dad knew my results earlier so the earlier phonecall from him was really unexpected. I was like jumping around the room excited to know about my results but he just went on and one with crap like "How many A did you aim ? 11 ah ? Why so high ? Aim 8 A enough la !" "Why you sound so busy ? Busy I call you tomorrow la bye"

I know right my dad so cool lol. After a whole 10 minutes of #crap he finally broke to me that I got 4A+ 4A and 3A- . Though I didn't get ALOT of A pluses like the geniuses here, I was practically screaming in joy for the A- in Chinese.

image copy
sorry for the blurr pic. Fatty took it.

CHINESE and A in the same sentence simply amazes me. I remember sitting in Chinese tuition and having teacher tell everyone A+ is impossible and aiming for A- is good enough and to be honest my Chinese was never one of my strong subjects. I didn't had the mood to study for SPM either cos it was on the last day !

Won tickets for 2PM high5 session on the day of Physics paper. 2PM concert was on the next day. I blame that A- on Taecyeon for being too attractive. Seems legit to me.

Anyway for those who got good results CONGRATULATIONS ! :D
and for those who didn't get the expected results, its okay. Chances and opportunities are everywhere. SPM shouldn't be your life and it should not be influencing what you are currently doing. We cannot change the past but we can change our present and our future :)

To celebrate the official end to SPM, Jason treated us to dinner !

IMG_3405 copy
Then dessert was on me. 6 large Cacao Green frozen yogurt because we had 3 buy 1 free 1 coupons !

IMG_3408 copy
SPM candidates excluding Ziee and Joel.
anyway Term1 exam is around the corner ! MORE STUDYINGGGG.

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