Sorry dad, for I have spent.

by - 6:04:00 PM

Spent more than expected last week, SORRY BOSS.
but at the same time, got closer to so many unexpected people, found such awesome friends who are currently lying on my bed few inches away whatsapping me LOL

This week I spent so much on food. Lost money, gained weight. T___T
Shall let the pictures do the talking.

IMG_3032 copy
Koko Black !

IMG_3030 copy
Papa Gino's

IMG_3071 copy
San Churros with YeeLyn and Chee !

mart 130 copy
Mart 130 with Albert House people :)

IMG_3108 copy

IMG_3098 copy
Was raining, and we got on the wrong tram !

IMG_3131 copy
Then we went shopping in the rain.

IMG_3042 copy
Skirt I bought the last time we went shopping.

IMG_3097 copy
Limited edition Valentines Day Speck case !
Technically I bought myself a vday present. #foreveralone

IMG_3052 copy
Max Brenners !

IMG_3090 copy
More Koko Black.

IMG_3150 copy
Mercadante with Alnick's Unilodge friends.

IMG_3154 copy
"handsome" Alnick and the famous Chocolate Pizza.

Su Ann joined us too !
She joined the gang ! So now its Shuwen, Shu Ying, Su Ann and Shi Mun. wtf

but then again, not like I everyday enjoy only la, I also studied ok !
Even visited RMIT library yesterday, though we went in for 2 hours and sat around a table whatsapping each other lololol.

IMG_3057 copy
Studying at Albert House.

IMG_3144 copy
Studying at Jason's house.
Love max this pic la, it looks like some kind of fellowship ad.

IMG_3147 copy

IMG_3152 copy
At Jason's soon-to-be-ex house.

That sums up my whole week.
Even though I spent alot this week, I feel really blessed to be so much closer to people whom I've never expected to be close to. When I first arrived here, I wanted to hang out with the popular and active people because that was what my group of friends back home felt like but after a while I realized, I don't need to be with popular people to have fun.

Honestly never judge a book by its cover. Shimun was SO QUIET when I first met her. Now she's lying on my bed loudly singing Wang Lee Hom's new song. Will show you in the next post how sampat my friends actually are :D I'm finally feeling like I've fit in somehow (:

A friend would talk alot of #crap, but also listen to your #crap. :')

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