Reasons why studying with iPad isn't as cool as you think.

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I'm trying to make this not come out as me being an ungrateful bitch whining over having to study with an iPad so yes I apologize if you think I'm being an ungrateful bitch.

As my previous blogposts states, READ I think my school is cool for giving us iPads, $50 itunes cash and a STM case worth $45 but after a month working with the iPad, I must say studying with the iPad is not. cool.

Reasons why studying with an iPad isn't as cool as you think.

#1 Unecessary distraction.
I honestly think I can concentrate really well when I want to but then again this is how my iPad looks like .

IMG_0084 copy
school stuff, note taking, note taking, note taking, note taking, note taking, note taking, 9GAG.

IMG_0087 copy
Not forgetting all these just sitting there screaming "play me play me!"
Non stop draw something notifications doesn't help either.

#2 Extremely troublesome to refer.

IMG_0086 copy

This is how my maths exercise sheet looks like. I would have to drag that tiny thing over all those dots to get to the answers when I could've done this with a book : 

IMG_9669 copy

It is even more troublesome when your notes is in one folder and your exercise sheet is in another. That flipping through pages and folders takes up too much time.

#3 Highlighting and writing ? 

IMG_9676 copy
Even with a stylus, I find it incredibly hard to write on an iPad.
You may say why not I just type ? Well sadly I can't type complicated mathematical symbols.
Highlighting wouldn't be fun either. No more "swoooosh" sound of a neon yellow highlighter. No more strong highlighter smell when I study (Please tell me I'm not the only one who likes that smell)

I'm not saying studying with an iPad is not beneficial and everyone who studies with it will fail. Of course studying with an iPad has its perks. For example no more heavy school bags, facebooking during break, downloading movies in class *cough and all those awesome stuff you can do with an iPad and free wifi. Yes I love my iPad.

I'm just saying I would pick pen and paper over iPad any time for my studies.
IMG_9677 copy

TESTS COMING UP REAL SOON ! Have I been in Trinity for that long already ?
IMG_9667 copy

Anyway the weather is getting much colder now that its autumn. I've been getting up in the middle of the night a lot to change to thicker clothes T^T. To those who are at a cold place reading this, add more sheets ! And for those back home in Malaysia, good for you guys, you guys can still sleep naked without catching a cold.

IMG_9665 copy
Good luck to all you people having tests ! 

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