My first Beanipet - Violet.

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Remember that contest I desperately asked around for facebook likes to win a Beanipet ? Well in case you didn't know, I lost the grand prize thanks to streamyx but thankfully I got 2nd :) and I must tell you, I can finally call myself a proud owner of a Beanipet !

Whats a Beanipet you ask ? Technically they're handsewn pillows. See more here
So yeah, Chee's mum was awesome enough to bring the beanipet over to Melbourne ! Literally jumping in joy. I have like soft toy / pillow fetish tyvm.

IMG_9656 copy
First off, tour around my neat room.
LOVE MY SHEETS RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT and my Mickey, Duffy etc etc.
My room is mad girly and neat la most of the time *bangga.

IMG_9650 copy
TADA, Violet, my first Beanipet.
I've wanted one for around 2 years already but the price just scares me everytime I go to the Beanipet shop on

IMG_9654 copy
Violet has like a pocket and matches my girly sheets !
To show my ultimate love for her, I edited all her pictures so here are a few LOL

IMG_9651 copy112
Specially requested it to be vintage. I absolutely love vintage sutff thus the vintage pics :))

IMG_9654 copy223

IMG_9650 copy11
Super in love with this colour tone.



Anyway, sorry guys for not updating recently.
I just dropped psych and picked up maths2 so the coping up is killing me. I've been like studying till 2am every day and the workload is just crazy.
NOT. I haven't been doing any homework. I've just been facebooking and playing drawing something in class alot. Which is why I'm pretty doomed. Idk where all my time goes. Like in a blink of an eye its 2am -______-

And also, remember the first picture of the this post ?
IMG_9641 copy
Well I lied. Here's the ugly truth.
sigh. Always too sleepy in the morning to make my bed /pick of stuff.
Next post : MOOMBA ! Stay tuned !

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