MOOMBA 2012.

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What is Moomba? Technically Moomba is a festival celebrated here in Melbourne throughout the labour day long weekends (Friday to Monday) Read more here. Even though labour day doesn't apply to colleges --WHYYY T____T -- but we still went and had fun during the weekend.

Friday night
A whole week of school really will make someone jump in joy screaming "OMG OMG OMG OMG WEEKEND WEEKEND WEEKEND"

IMG_3223 copy
Dinner @ Petaling Street with Jason, Ziee & Chee.
First time hanging out with Ziee and woots MALAYSIAN FOOOOD :D

IMG_3224 copy

IMG_3258 copy
Met up with Alnick at Federation Square.
All the pictures were blurry so boohoo no pictures.

Hanging around Melbourne Central because no more Karaoke rooms. lol

Then proceeded to chill in front of State Library till 1am w/ some of Alnick's friend and other new found friends LOL

IMG_3277 copy
Met up with Jason at his new apartment. Super love the huge ass mirrors :D

IMG_3274 copy
Chatime before heading to Moomba !

IMG_9430 copy
Federation Square.

Tons of people.

IMG_9429 copy
Random pretty girl XDDD

IMG_9562 copy

IMG_9478 copy

IMG_9422 copy

Exciting rides.

IMG_9458 copy

IMG_9469 copy
We saw this ride break down once the previous night so no one dared to go on it.
Chicken right, I know.

IMG_9537 copy

IMG_9484 copy

IMG_9617 copy
Jason and Joel.

IMG_9492 copy
Joel trying out.

IMG_9509 copy
Us trying out.
Sadly we didn't really win anything la. They probably just made up this festival so that they can suck all the money of noobs like us who has no real talent HAHA

IMG_9494 copy

IMG_9529 copy
Sat on the hills to watch kids do the bollywood roll while wait for fireworks :)

IMG_9613 copy

IMG_9566 copy

IMG_9633 copy
Before heading home.
You would think our night was damn pathetic cos we didn't win anything when everyone else are lugging huge ass bears home. NOT.

IMG_9626 copy
We won a fluffy dog okkk.

IMG_9630 copy
And I won a full on human teddy pffttt.
So that sums up last weekend.

Last Thursday was pretty eventful too.
There was like VIP sale at Chadstone, somewhere far from the city.
Long story short, we ended up getting stranded somewhere far out from the city with no train service at 1am with a group of boys from college. Thank God there were a bunch of boys, thank god again for the boys for having taxi contact details. I FEEL SO GLAD TO BE ALIVE OMG.

-----Abrupt end------

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