Wednesday, March 7

Feeling blessed.

Once when I was a kid, I wanted this doll so so so much but dad wouldn't let me have it so instead, I bought it for my sister as her birthday present. It was mine, but I felt blessed, even if I don't have it, at least my sister has it.

Everytime I sat on a toilet bowl with a bad stomach I feel blessed. THANK GOD SITTING TOILET.

Everytime I tasted mum's red wine mee sua I felt blessed because many years later, idk who else knows how to cook such amazing red wine mee sua.

So easily contented, so happy with simply everything I had. Sometimes I wonder where that part of me went. Having such a great life here, is such a blessing I should grab this chance and work twice as hard. I shouldn't be whining about not being the center of attention (wtf DFA much I know) because I am truly blessed, with the friends I have here and back home.

Though I don't have the most friends here, and I don't have like a whole crowd of especially cool friends, but I'm blessed with true friends, and thats probably all I really need right now.

Its time I rewind time, back to when even sitting on a toilet bowl makes me appreciate my pretty awesome life :))

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yanyann said...

DFA hahah SHU, LOL.
Jiayou btw. ❤