The day.

by - 9:23:00 PM

I don't know why tomorrow is called THE DAY. I'm pretty sure when I get married I'll call that day THE DAY too. Or when I give birth to my first child / buy my first car, it'll all probably be called THE DAY.

Anyway for those of you who hasn't been checking the news, *cough likeme *cough SPM results is gonna be released tomorrow ! WHO'S EXCITED ? Well all of you should be, even for those not getting results because if we get good results, you guys get one day off / get to go home earlier so yeah, you guys should really pray that everyone gets 10A+

To be honest, I'm not particularly nervous. In fact, I'm more nervous over drama exam thats gonna take place on Thursday. 2 MINUTE MIME EXAM NOT EASY. but I am anticipating it, because whatever results I get, I'm gonna go eat frozen yogurt with my friends tomorrow because I have like buy 1 free 1 coupons.

Just kidding. Out of all 11 subjects I took, I'm actually only anticipating my Chinese results cos Chinese is the hardest and if I get good results for that then screw all the other unimportant subjects. pfft

Getting into Trinity was my ultimate goal, which was why I studied twice as hard for my trials, but after getting my offer letter, I started to slack, which explains why I was still chilling at swissomelt and going to concerts in the middle of SPM. I did my best though, and I believe that is enough.

So anyway for all you people taking results tomorrow, ALL THE BEST ! :) PLEASE PLEASE FACEBOOK INBOX ME YOUR RESULTS SO THAT I CAN KEEP UP TO DATE :D

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