Why my school is cool.

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I honestly feel blessed to be in a school like this. Dad, you don't know how much I appreciate all the money you spend on me ;)

Why is my school so cool ? 

IMG_3015 copy

I know la, most of you would be going "So what, its probably part of your expensive school fees so technically you paid for it. Not free"
but then think about it ! If my school didn't require us to have an iPad, and I walk up to dad and go 
"Hey dad, can you please get me a 32GB iPad?" 
Dad would probably ask why I need it and whats my reason ?
"Oh because temple run is cool and I want to spend all my classes playing it"

but in this case NOO, you are REQUIRED to get an iPad, so daddy has no choice but to pay for it. Even though classes are still spent on temple run :PP 

IMG_9403 copy
Did I tell you the iPad comes with a cool case with the school name on it ? 

IMG_9405 copy
We're supposed to do our assignments and homework all on the iPad and its supposed to help improve our studies or something. I hope my constant facebooking in class helps. Though helpful, it needs serious discipline. Lets say you're doing maths on your iPad and all of a sudden wild crush appears on facebook and you have to chat. HOW ? 

OH and we got like 50AUD itunes giftcard too (Y)(Y)

Why else is my school cool except for the expensive toy ?
IMG_3013 copy
The walk to school. Exceptionally pretty. We have to cut through this park, and also Lygon street. A street where you can find all kinds of food, mainly Italian. 

IMG_3055 copy
but then poor kids like us can only pass by the restaurants then go home eat this T___T

IMG_3053 copy
Just wanted to show you a picture of my pretty friends.
Shuwen, Shimun and Shuying. OUR NAMES DAMN COOL OK 

IMG_3047 copy
School is also cool cos our campus is in University Melb itself so got tons of uni students walking around. I MISS MALAYSIA T^T

I'm gonna send in my application to join the yearbook committee here at Trinity ! 
Unlike the EB back home in ACS, to join it here I actually have to write essays and go for interviews.
Pray that I get accepted please ! :D

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