Thanksgiving night.

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Ditch the title, its just a house party called LingBena's Thanksgiving Night.
According to the boss its a night to give thanks and also celebrate grandma's birthday (which I also invited my friends and tumpang-ed as my farewell party lolol)

IMG_2561 copy
No kidding, boss even made a banner.

I didn't exactly invite alot of people. Around probably 20 but dad invited over 500 guests.

IMG_2555 copy
Thank god it didn't rain.

IMG_2571 copy
There were halal and non halal food on different ends of the house.

IMG_2576 copy
YB Kong giving his speech.

IMG_2612 copy
Hello unflattering picture of me eating.

IMG_2589 copy
Grandma's cake.

IMG_2603 copy
My dad has over 20 siblings. This is probably just a quarter of the family.

IMG_2645 copy
Chilled indoors after that playing monopoly deal.

Pictures of loved ones :

IMG_2637 copy
The boys. Charles, fatty and Sam.

IMG_2624 copy
Eugene. One of the important people in my life. Not only as a friend but also as someone who was really special. One of the people who made my high school unforgettable.

IMG_2662 copy
Gladys. I'm gonna miss this drama queen, seriously :))
No pictures with Jen ;(

IMG_2656 copy
Yi Lin my forever & always love cum cousin cum friend and Jiunn Yan the editor.
Two of my favourite seniors.

IMG_2657 copy
Ruthie ! I tell you she's the awesomest friend in the history of awesome friends can.
I mean how many friends texts you in the evenings and go "look at the sky now ! So beautiful !" when you're in a bad mood ?

IMG_2647 copy
Jae . We the hengdai. He's a friend who doesn't just simply tell me to move on. Instead, he looks for hot dudes, send me their links and hacks into my profile to add them for me.
I tried photoshopping him so that he looks buffer but fail !

IMG_2663 copy
Sheau Jin and Elaine !
Sheau Jin will be going to UK soon, NO MORE SUSHI KING PARTNER T___T
Elaine is someone I really don't know how to live without. Bestest friend la can. Always helping me take homework / sending me credit when I'm texting with my crush and I run out of credit. I feel like I owe you SO MUCH

IMG_2641 copy
Little cousin ! I think we look really pretty here :PP
She's super helpful around the house. I really enjoy shopping with you, girl :)

IMG_2654 copy
The boys and Fifa. I can never understand boys and football.
Last night I watched football with fatty and there was this dude called Rafael in MU. For a few seconds I was wondering why Nadal is playing football :O

I was nagging at my friends to sing me a Justin Bieber song on the Karaoke set.
Not that I like JB that much, it just would be kinda fun to annoy people with that song nyahaha.

IMG_2669 copy
Two heroes actually sang ! Not Justin Bieber but I'm touched ;)

Then more pictures.

IMG_2674 copy
Alvin ! Always has the insiders info. Super nice to gossip with :D
No time to catch up for more Indian food T___T but I will be back soon ! Don't forget the Otai burger you said !

IMG_2678 copy
Pey Pey. What can I say ? Pretty somemore, smart somemore. Make me feel so pressured taking picture with her ;P

IMG_2677 copy
Viveek the hero ! He sang two songs that night ! plus in Chinese. COOL OR WHAT.
Also the only person who sent me CNY wishes in Chinese pinyin. wtf even my Chinese friends don't do that ! Always the one to give excuses to not come for parties but always turns up. I'm gonna miss this blabbermouth alot T__T

IMG_2673 copy
Kelly my fellow boatmen haha ! Maybe not anymore because both our boat sunk. LOLOL
Sorry inside joke. Future band leader you're looking at weyh :P

IMG_2689 copy
Yuges ! I'm probably gonna get stared down / stabbed by one of his fans and never make it alive to Australia :PPP

IMG_2690 copy
The last few people to leave.
Chee on the left is going to the same college ! At least someone from back home :D

While editing and uploading these pictures I can't help feeling really emo.
I'm turning Eighteen (????) this year and I'm leaving for college. Leaving the place I've called home for the past 17 years. Leaving my parents and all my friends.
wtf I actually still feel like I'm 13.

Before SPM, I couldn't wait to get over exams and graduate, leave this place and meet new people out there but all of a sudden,
I don't feel like leaving anymore..

but I guess everyone has to grow up ;(

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