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After a year of dilemma, I'm proud to say


But what is boggling your mind must be "Wtf is peekashu? Father of Pikachu?"
Its not just cos I find the name cute ok, neither is it because Pikachu is my favourite Pokemon and cartoon of ALL TIME (the original fat one)

surpassing Spongebob and Dexter. HAH IN YOUR FACE NICK / CARTOON NETWORK.
There is, in fact a reason/story behind the name peekashu.

Peekashu originated from the word peekaboo. Just with a little personalization, mixing it with my name Shuwen and all.
I chose peekaboo because its known to be a popular game among babies to cheer babies up. So in conclusion, I was hoping would have the same effect on all its readers.

So yeah, now you know how the name peekashu came about.
Hopefully from now on, can bring joy to all its readers out there :)
Big thank you to all my loyal readers, you guys have been awesome. Thank you for actually reading all my #crap and helping me afford a domain HA HA. I don't know how to say how much I love you guys but I love you guys lah. lololol

ok I made that up. I actually came up with the name Peekashu just cos I think it was cute.
The story came AFTERWARDS. HAHA
but thanks for reading this whole #crap post anyway.

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