NYE @ Sydney

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I know la, I'm two months late, but I still cannot get over how fun NYE in Sydney was LOL.
Sydney NYE fireworks has always been one of the best in the world which was why my family decided to camp for 10 hours just for it.

Arrived at 1PM to see this.

The security was really tight. Alcohol was prohibited and every bag was checked. 

People with tents. 

As kiasu Asians, we didn't lose out either. 

Came in three cars and this was ours. Little chairs and cooler with all the drinks (Y)

No kua zhang tents but I think we made a pretty cool picnic spot. 

Would love the tents though. CAN AVOID SUN T^T

Spot the portable toilets at the back. 
I would say one of the CLEANEST toilets I've seen considering the amount of people queuing up for it. Never ending toilet paper and hand sanitizes for every stall. Amazing or what. 

Credit card monopoly !
Honestly 10 hours didn't really feel like 10 hours. 
Because of the alcohol prohibition, tons of teens got drunk before coming into the area. Tons of drunk girls with super short mini dresses passing by us. Lets just say we had a good view of everything. 

More people started coming. I noticed, all those people under the umbrellas are Asians LOL.

At 9 there was a pre firework show

There were fireworks at both sides of the bridge so that everyone gets to see it. 

all the kids went back after the pre show. Had to wait for 3 hours before the real show.

Theme for 2012 was DREAM. 

Celebrated aunt's birthday while waiting 

Fighting the dark with cousin bro's Samsung Nexus. 

Paktor-ing in the corner LOL. 

Countdown starts ! 

I kinda like this shot LOL I was just clicking my camera without looking. 

The finale. 

Walk back home was SO TIRING and crowded.
Nevertheless, I wouldn't mind doing it again next year :D 

My flight to Australia is on Wednesday ! 
Cant believe its less than a week away.
and uhm here's a random fact about me : I like surprises LOLOL KTKXBYE.

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