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HELLO ! I just moved into Albert House, the boarding house / hostel I'm staying at in Melbourne. I've moved everything and TRIED to clean my room, but it still looks like 20 rage memes just marched in. More pictures of my room below !

I didn't add much of the people at Albert House on facebook, which means they won't find my blog, which is why I can gossip about them here HAHA just kidding wtf.

The people are extremely nice, I'm just trying to fit in and find a clique. I feel like I have split personalities here la. Back home I was the loud and crazy one. Here I'm like quiet and... boring.
Damn I always thought I was kinda fun. This realization is seriously taking a toll on my confidence :/

Albert House provides 3GB internet per month. Bought 10GB/month because I wanna skype and blog but then again internet cuts me off everytime I try to skype ::sigh:: Orientation started today and I met a few cool people.

So anyway, here are pics of my room in Albert House

IMG_2764 copy
Staying in a single room with shared bathroom. This is a bad picture.
You can see all the bags on the floor and wires wiring my table :O

IMG_2776 copy
I wanna wallow in self pity now la my cupboard runtuh T_______T

Mates to keep my company when I feel lonely.
Sirotan, Mickei. Duffy and Pingu. 
Heck yes I name my toys like that.

Thats probably my whole room already lolol. 
After cleaning up my room and folding clothes etc etc, you don't know how much I appreciate my housekeeper now

IMG_2692 copy
How she manages to work for one whole day without drinking water still remains a mystery. 

After walking for days in Melbourne (not sitting tram cos exp T__T), you don't know how much I appreciate my driver who has driven me around Sitiawan for more than 10 years ? 
IMG_2740 copy

I miss everyone back home, 

IMG_2543 copy
I miss you, teach.

IMG_2696 copy
I miss you baby. 

IMG_2751 copy
I miss you fatty.

I miss my friends, my boys. Its so different hanging out with a whole new bunch of friends who still has problems remembering my name.  Its easier to cope cos parents are still here but once they go back, I'll probably be whining more lol.

Omg i need happy thoughts, happy pictures

IMG_2757 copy
Melbourne city skyline ! 

IMG_2768 copy
and yay ! I like this picture of myself.

Anyway, Valentines Day is here ! 

Wuah I tell you, schedule is packed ! I have so many dates to attend !  
IMG_2775 copy

Lied. I did skype a MALE friend though. HAHA, not who I wanted it to be but damn, I like my friends, they so nais skype with me when I emo. 
To single people out there, aiya its just another Tuesday la ok ?

So yes, its like 1am right now and there's more orientation tomorrow. Please pray and meet awesome people ? :)))) BYEEEE

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