Saturday, February 11

Just because I'm kind of vain.

Hello, this is a vain post dedicated to, me. If you wish to discontinue your adventure at, well goodbye.

Kidding ! I just found a lot of pictures I really like on my iPhone, and at the same time prove to you guys how hardworking I am as a blogger because I'm blogging without having even unpacked. HAHA So rajin I need an award pls.

IMG_2609 - Copy

IMG_2579 - Copy
Damn nostalgic right ! We had to repeat this every Monday morning and I either always give up and stop repeating at "Malaysia" or "tenaga" lolol

So grainy la can, iPhone needs better front camera.

IMG_2182 copy

Torn pinafore on the last day of school ;)

Last day of Chinese paper. Using wrong cam app actually made the pic cooler.

Tomyam noodles on bainian day !

On the day when Adele set fire to the rain.


Viveek telling me he thinks I'm pretty.

Cousin telling me he thinks I'm pretty too ;PP

Last picture with fatty. I miss de unbelievablur la !

Moving into the hostel/dorm soon ! Looks bigger than I expected. Got internet set up too.
SO SKYPE ME OK ? >>> shuwen.peekaboo
I miss home already.


Camy said...

such a cute post! :P. iphone real cool la :X

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

yay for your new internet connection :) can become a more hardworking blogger edi :P

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