Goodbye papa, mama

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Few days ago I was ranting to fatty about the friends issue and he replied :

Go up to them and tell them if they don't interact with you, you're gonna eat them, which you probaly would.

Fatty jokes are unbeatable. I don't even know if he was trying to comfort me or insult me LOL.

Recently we chose subjects, I picked maths1, Psychology and Physics but currently i'm sitll in dilemma whether to change Psychology to Maths 2. IKR SHUWEN LING IS NERD LIKE THAT.

Parents left for Malaysia yesterday,
IMG_2789 copy

I damn proud of myself can because I didn't whine / cry over my parents leaving like some people did. Probably its cos right after they went on the taxi, I turned around to see Kiaos in his boxers walking towards me lolol . Cool dude grocery shopping in boxers.

Will be back with more pictures of Melbourne ! Wanna haul out my dSLR after a good break to go take pictures in the city this weekend :) 

I was kinda whining about not  being able to find a clique like the friends back home. I mean city jokes and kampung jokes not the same la and sometimes it feels kind of shit to not be able to sing out loud like I always do or shout "GOOD MORNINGGG" at the breakfast table but I'm gonna give it more time.

I mean, Melbourne is so huge right ? Why do I revert ALL my attention into making friends only in Albert House ? :) My friends back home have been awesome. Thanks for always being there ;) You know who you guys are. 

IMG_2786 copy
BOSS ! DONT WORRY, I won't be simply spending your money :P 

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