Emo shit.

by - 1:04:00 AM

This is gonna be a wordy emo post.
I'm kind of being an emo shit right now because I'm leaving.
You DONT KNOW how much I want to be attending assembly and listening to Dr Ashely's lectures tomorrow. I've always sent people off, but I've never really felt what its like to actually be the one leaving.

Yala I know, I've been to Melbourne a couple of times and I know people there but its not home. 
I don't want to one day call Sitiawan a "holiday spot" neither do I wish to slowly forget all the roads and lanes I've gone so used to. I don't want to one day come home and ask fatty "Eh, where are the spoons ah?" . I want to KNOW where the spoons are.

Idk, I've never appreciated my house this much before today.
I was like showering and touching the bathroom tiles thinking to myself  "Wah, my bathroom damn big la and warm. Step out also warm. No need to shiver half die before I get into my clothes."  
Sitting here on my computer seat thinking "Damn nice la, aircond above me. Big screen in front of me, sitting on comfy chair with unlimited internet" Really makes me want to appreciate every single thing I see / touch.

Yesterday had cake with the band members, last night had supper with the boys & Megan.
This morning had breakfast with the girls and we went to the beach. In the afternoon Forever & Always came to give me a personalized calendar and more cake.
Usually I would take these events for granted but today while walking on the beach, sitting on a bench in Marina and flipping through the calendar, I couldn't help feeling blessed. Like omfg why my friends so awesome.

I will miss everything here dearly. I don't want to forget the feelings I'm feeling right now. All the love you guys have been showering over me for the past few weeks, I will bring them with me wherever I go :) Thank you guys for being there for me. Going for canteen breakkie tomorrow morning before leaving for KLIA with the loved ones. This blogpost is so filled with love that I should probably change my title from emo shit to love now. lolol

And also since my hostel only allows 1GB / month, skyping would be  hard, blogging would be harder. Thank God sis's apartment has internet. Will try to blog as often as I can, will skype you guys if I get to buy internet too. So please do miss me ? :))

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