Monday, February 27

Carlton Gardens

Albert House may not be near the city, but its near one of the most beautiful parks I've seen.
Carlton Gardens. 

IMG_9293 copy
Imagine the slight breeze and that peaceful silence. You can still see the big buildings behind. Its like entering another world. 

IMG_9299 copy

IMG_9302 copy
Picnics, people just chilling. 
I have yet to visit this place alone but its gonna be really relaxing. 

IMG_9371 copy
So pretty right omg like jump out from Winnie the Pooh book or something 

IMG_9346 copy

Merely a few streets away from Albert House, I should really visit this place more often. 

IMG_9296 copy
Came with this bunch of noisy Asians disrupting angmoh's zen mode. 

IMG_9308 copy
The Royal Exhibition Building. 

IMG_9348 copy

IMG_9313 copy

IMG_9292 copy
Super sunny that day and we came AFTER dinner.

IMG_9330 copy

IMG_9342 copy

Shall end this post with a picture of the girls from Albert House. 
IMG_9337 copy

It rained, for the whole day.
I hate rain. Rain turns me into a bitch.
So yeah, rain is a bitch too :/ 


FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

it must be really breathtaking during summer! :)

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Henry Tan said...

the garden looks nice and good to chill out there! sigh malaysia hard to find one i think!

Shuwen said...

@Fish it IS summer ! :D
@Henry haha yes its really nice to chill there :)