Albert House.

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Hello hello !  Albert House is the boarding house I'm staying at here in Melbourne and it has been like more than a week already !

Here's an Albert House joke :
A : Hey shu, where are you staying at ?
Me : Oh Albert house.
A : Albert ? Who's Albert ? Is he from Trinity too ?

Ok I find it funny la wtf. Anyway here are some pictures of stuff that happened last week. In case you didn't see them on facebook yet. #repost.

IMG_2939 copy
Albert House boys doing, idk what.

IMG_3003 copy
Han's birthday

Ok sorry, all the pics are of the boys -___-
I will upload pictures of the girls soon. 

IMG_2977 copy
Travelled 1 hour plus to go shopping at DFO Essendon ! Crazy much.

IMG_2992 copy
Hero shopper who was also our tour guide !
I lovee factory outlets and if I could travel 3 hours to KL to shop, I can totally travel 1 hour + here to shop next time. I bought so many things and nothing was over 20AUD. After a whole day of shopping, I didn't even spend 100AUD. Want to shop till I drop also cannot drop ok.

IMG_2983 copy
Good guy Alnick with Lacoste.

IMG_2974 copy
I waaaant. Expensiveee. Pokaaai.

IMG_9198 copy
Celebrating Jin's birthday !

IMG_9162 copy
Finally touching my dSLR after so long !

IMG_9213 copy
After being showered with ketchup and hauled down 3 flights of stairs. 

IMG_9245 copy
Gary's blur face lol.

IMG_2972 copy
Yarra river !
This part was on the other end of the city and I walked there 3 times in 4 days. I think I lost like 3 kgs or something, damn I deserve to be skinny lah.

IMG_2966 copy
Flame thrower (?)

IMG_2963 copy
Everyone was busy watching flamethrower, I was playing with Indian baby lol. 

IMG_2945 copy

China boy in my team during team skilling at school
WE WON FIRST PLACEE ! and each of us got a free movie ticket expires Nov for any movie. Awesome or what ! I feel damn bad now that I'm seeing this picture la since everyone on our team ffk-ed the China boys who invited us to the beach.

IMG_2943 copy
Battered scallop :D :D

Will update again soon. Omg I tell you my school is the best school ever.
Tell you more in my next post bye ! 

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