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Yesterday, Ahjib Gor, the Prime Minister of Malaysia visited my hometown, Sitiawan.
It still sounds amazing to me. I mean Sitiawan ? Out of so many big cities they pick a kampung like Sitiawan. Probably once in a lifetime thing which is why Sitiawan was so congested yesterday. 

At astaka. Government so efficient la ! All the roads repaired, done in a week just because the PM is coming. He should come more often la.

Its kind of clear the objective of this whole event through this picture no ? 
"CNY" celebration.

Cousin calls this the "pintu gerbang" hah ! Grand entrance or what.

Cousins :D

Human mountain human sea I tell you. 

The people had to squeeze and find a good spot to have a good view of the stage. 

but guess whose dad got VIP seats ? :PPP

The stage. We were a little on the right of the stage so, not exactly a good view but our tent was right next to the PM's ! 

Tons of vendors.

Free food for the public.

The public toilet. With no electricity.
Cousin went there without realizing we could go to the VIP toilet where there is actually, electricity, and clean. wtf.

Free booklets for everyone on Najib's life story. 

Najib before, Najib after !

Anticipating the arrival of the PM.

Spot Ahjib gor !

This was the last picture I took before my camera battery went flat. Yeah hate me.
The public could grab their free dinner early in the evening but for the VIPs, we had to wait till ahjib gor arrives and everyone finishes their speech.
Chua Soi Lek, two others and then Ahjib gor. It was 10pm when we finally got to eat :O

Poor famished people. 
This picture was the last picture I took with my iPhone before the battery died. Yeah, hate me more. 

So anyway there were performances by Dennis Lau with a saxophonist and flutist (don't know who they are but I assume they're kind of famous) Then there was Victor Wong, better known as Ping Guan. His voice was mesmerizing la ! Me and sis rushed to the front hoping to shake his hands or something but missed the chance. 

In the midst of my disappointment, fatty came up to me and told me he passed by Ping Guan on the way to the VIP toilet and fatty totally ignored him. Cousin who passed by him didn't even notice :O 

There were also performances by Surthi, Zainal Abidin and also lion dance by world champion lion dance team (according to emcee). All in all, the performances were amazing. 

Just when we thought everything has ended and was heading back to the car, the fireworks started firing. I should call this the most epic moment of my life. 

Grabbed from sis' Iphone.
I've seeen the Sydney NYE fireworks, but nothing compares to this. On a big field with NOTHING BLOCKING YOUR VIEW. No waiting for 10 hours for a good view, no squeezing with people. Just us alone, right in front of our eyes. 

The night was simply amazing and damn was I glad I chose to go instead of stay at home.  On the way back there wasn't even much traffic jam which was really surprising. 
Though the event was memorable, the people there wasn't. I don't know how many times I got molested by random aunties trying to squeeze by me. I shall end this blog post with a picture that proves my point. 


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