Christchurch, New Zealand

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Landed in Christchurch, New Zealand and headed straight to the city because everyone was excited to see the aftermath of the February earthquake.

Christchurch airport looking dark and gloomy.

Our personal driver. 

We were extremely lucky because the day we arrived was the last day visitors were actually allowed to visit the affected area. 

Extreme danger 

because airconds might just fall on you.

The whole city was practically under construction. 

Peeking through shops. 

Abandoned plates by those who have been eating when it happened.
The smell of rotten food still lingers around restaurants. 

Scumbag Asians camho-ing. 

Demolition taking place. According to the news, some parts of Christchurch might never be able to be reconstructed again. 

Random wrong picture.

The main attraction. Crumbled church in Christchurch. 

There was another tremor right before Christmas when we were at Queenstown. Apparently only dad felt it, everyone else was too busy searching for a toilet. #truestory

Went back to Christchurch on the last day and headed on to the suburbs to see more affected area from the December earthquake. 

Tumbled garage.

Tumbled porch. 

Slanting house supported by wooden planks.

Headed back to the city but the center was restricted, so we just walked around it.

I salute the optimism. 

Right outside the affected area was a shopping compound.

Whole area of temporary shopping area with colourful containers as shops ! Tons of people sitting around having breakfast with people performing on the streets. Almost as if nothing happened.

Last picture before departing New Zealand.

It has been 10 months but the state of the whole city was as if it just happened yesterday. It was nothing anyone could've expected and many loved ones were lost.
My heart goes out to the families of the victims of the earthquakes. 

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