Chinese New Year 2012

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Wanted to blog last night but was too 7 tired to.
Was awaken from my beauty sleep at 10am yesterday by a friend going "We're outside your house right now, open door. Just kidding, we'll be there in 15 mins" 

Lets start with reunion lunch.

while preparing food.

Joined by sis and cousins from Aussie.

Buddha jump wall (?)

Reunion dinner by the tennis court ! 

Chilling out with aunt and sis while we watch Donnie Yen kick some ass on TV. 

Excited boss excited to give out exciting angpaos. 

Passing series of tests to get angpao.

Flaunting his taxi driver's license. 

Flower came over to set up the fireworks like he does every year ! 

One thing Sitiawanese don't lose out. Fireworks practically from every house including mine. 

First day of CNY. 

MEE SUAAAA. I hope my legs can grow as long as this. :O 

Went longai-ing around mum's kampung. New Village, Kg Koh. 

At relative's house with niece acting like a boss. 

Spent the whole day gambling. TRADITION YO.

Celebrated niece's cousin back home. 

Cousin and his fan club. 


The dude who I lied and said was my boyfriend HERE

The kids. 

Couldn't fit in everyone. 


Before getting hit on the face. 

2nd day.
The day I got woken up from my beauty sleep. Visited tons of houses.

With le best friend at his place.

From drawing to sports. I don't know how his family does it. and this isn't even all of it.

Driving with his arse.

At Jo's place. His legs so short lah. unlike mine on the right :PPPP

Car models.

Cousins catching frogs to be sacrificed. 

Devicing some plan to kill the frogs with firecrackers. 

Not much pictures this year. Lepak-ed at teacher's place this afternoon. 
Where to find awesome teachers like thaat ?? 

Today is fatty's birthday ! Will update more on it soon. 

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