Back to Melbourne.

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For those of you who has been asking, I'll be furthering my studies to Melbourne, Australia this February so faster ask me out ok ? HA HA.

Greeted by Melb's skyline from my sister's apartment 

All I can remember throughout this trip to Melbourne was that, I ate. Alot. 

Big fatty flew from US ! 

Silly dad is silly.

Sis's convocation

Sailor dress from F21. Saw it later on one of  Qiu Qiu 's  friend.


Big fatty with two sausages. Fatty. 

Vic market cherries ! :D 

Boys of the family. 

Bagpipe playing penguin. dafuq. 

Korean BBQ ! 

Don't know what TVXQ and Super Junior has to do with Korean BBQ but :O I CAN READ. LEVEL UP.

Flinders Station. 

Lobster noodles. 

crepe ! 

Victoria Summer Market

Apparently they have this summer market once a week with ALL kinds of cuisine. 

Went with 

Babi quoted something about the 2 chicken satays for 6.80AUD but I forgot what he said. I only remembered it was funny lol. 

Dragged him to my favourite part of Melbourne. 

Best part of the city ? CITY LIGHTS :) 


More lobster noodles

More Korean. 

Someone ask me out please ? I don't want to spend the last month in Sitiawan with korean dramas T__T

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