2PM haul.

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The first thing I did when I walked into the house was rush to my table to see my 2PM stuff sitting nicely on my table. *rolls eyes* IKR crazy fangirl mode on again.
On Nuffnang it says my second cheque has been sent in November but I have still yet to receive anything. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO PAY BACK MOM ???

#1 2PM 2012 Season's Greeetings !

Contents :
Desk Calendar
Mini Diary (112p)
Photo postcards
Photo stickers

Nevertheless, unwrapping this was orgasmic. LOL

Sealed with a sexy sticker of the boys.

2012 desk calendar !

Spot Okcat !

The layout was about like that with huge pics of the boys. LOVE

Postcards and stickers. Super charismatic pictures of them.

Mini Diary

Layout for the calendar side.

Huge photos in between pages.

and the boys' birthday + anniversaries dated !


#2 Republic of 2PM (Jacket B)(ALBUM+DVD)(First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version)

I admit, I'm a little crazy. Not loaded, just crazy.
Considering I practically went broke when I bought Republic of 2PM (Jacket A) last month. Read here.
Yesasia ran out of stock so I bought it off Ebay but a little while after, they released Taiwan version on Yesasia -_________________-

Contents :
100page concept photobook
DVD with photo shooting footage and music videos
12 tracks.

It looks exactly the same as Jacket A just that this would be more worth it since its cheaper and it has concept photobook. Honestly, I think I spend too much on 2PM

but when I flip open the first page and see this staring back at me I'm like,
screw it, I'll go earn more money.

100 pages of the boys looking like lousais.

I LOVE vintage stuff and the pictures in this photobook is exactly the effects I want on my pictures. SO PRETTY AND VINTAGE :O

and also Anyone interested in buying the Jacket A album ? PM ME !

So yes, I think I'm gonna take a whole year break from 2PM.

Now though, I have a really serious problem. Right before I got season's greetings, I got a 2012 diary from one of my fave notebook brands - Kikki.K

Freaking cute with all my fave colours

Pastel pink :O

SO NOW, which should I use ? 2PM diary or this ?

Will update on Aussie SOON.

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