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The day I've been waiting for since I stepped into secondary school has arrived.

The last day of SPM

I actually expected myself to feel MORE after SPM but then, it just feels like, meh.
It feels just like every typical day. I come home from school, I sit here, I blog, I chat, I download some dramas. Not the super special feeling I expected.

So now that the most major exam of high school is over, I want to just take a break from everything before I move on to the next phrase of life.

I will be leaving for Australia the New Zealand this Saturday so I only have like 3 days to celebrate after-spm. Which kind of suck in some way. Not that I'm ungrateful for getting to go overseas with my family. Its just that, I feel like I have so much more to do here.
But fret not, I will be back in January for a month so don't miss me now HAHA.

Chinese paper finished at 1 just now. I rushed home, showered, had lunch and rushed to the cinema for a 1.30 show. BBQ party later, BBQ party tomorrow. HAH, yes life is still somehow still hectic :)

I really wanna fit every second of my time left here with all the people I love. So that 10 years later, when everyone / everything changes, at least I still have some memories to hold on to. I may not feel the same feelings I am feeling now 10 years later but right now, all I want is to live the moment. Spend time with people I want to spend time with, say the things I've always wanted to say, and appreciate every second of it.

A little excited to know whats gonna happen next, but a little sad to know that I'll have to leave some stuff behind.
Someone said life starts now. I guess it does.

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