Wednesday, December 7


The day I've been waiting for since I stepped into secondary school has arrived.

The last day of SPM

I actually expected myself to feel MORE after SPM but then, it just feels like, meh.
It feels just like every typical day. I come home from school, I sit here, I blog, I chat, I download some dramas. Not the super special feeling I expected.

So now that the most major exam of high school is over, I want to just take a break from everything before I move on to the next phrase of life.

I will be leaving for Australia the New Zealand this Saturday so I only have like 3 days to celebrate after-spm. Which kind of suck in some way. Not that I'm ungrateful for getting to go overseas with my family. Its just that, I feel like I have so much more to do here.
But fret not, I will be back in January for a month so don't miss me now HAHA.

Chinese paper finished at 1 just now. I rushed home, showered, had lunch and rushed to the cinema for a 1.30 show. BBQ party later, BBQ party tomorrow. HAH, yes life is still somehow still hectic :)

I really wanna fit every second of my time left here with all the people I love. So that 10 years later, when everyone / everything changes, at least I still have some memories to hold on to. I may not feel the same feelings I am feeling now 10 years later but right now, all I want is to live the moment. Spend time with people I want to spend time with, say the things I've always wanted to say, and appreciate every second of it.

A little excited to know whats gonna happen next, but a little sad to know that I'll have to leave some stuff behind.
Someone said life starts now. I guess it does.


Arya said...

Congratulations! <3

Mich said...

Sometime in life when you look back, exam has nothing to do at all with us. Yes, that slight feeling of freedom after a major exam like public exams. But it last like what ? just a few seconds, at most .. a day ? Because, when you look back, all you remember will be time spent with friends and all, you'd be grateful that you enjoyed life during high school. Not JUST studying your ass off. =) Congratulation :D and have fun all you can before having to face some major drastic changes in life - college .. etc. =) souvenirs please XD

ken said...

all the best with the next step, coming to KL to study? :)

Hilda Milda™ said...

It may be the day you've been waiting for but one day I'm sure you'll miss high school (: Happy hols btw!

Hilda Milda™ said...

It may be the day you've been waiting for but one day I'm sure you'll miss high school (: Happy hols btw!

FiSh said...

enjoy your holidae and cherish the time with the family! :)

Shuwen said...

@Mich haha. true that ! :D
@Ken nope going Melbourne :)
@Fish WILL DO :D