Flying again

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Will be flying off to Australia, then New Zealand tomorrow I have like two BBQs to blog about so I'll just cramp everything in here, let you savour the last of my blog before you abandon it for a month then come back again when I come back. :O

Ivan's BBQ

It was right after my Chinese paper, a BBQ night exclusively for Form5s only.
Intended to prank Ivan by showing how I am a person who choose to go on a date with a boy I like instead of attending his farewell party.

At like 5+ I got a msg from Kenny saying Ivan is REALLY ANGRY with what I said and he would be cancelling the party. Out of kancheong-ness I rushed to his house to apologize and say I was joking, just to have him pass me this note :


It was an amazing gathering, great food, great company.
There'll be some people I won't be seeing again for a long time so yes I felt kind of emo inside.

Hopefully I'll see pretty(?) Ruth in January :D

Siem Jiun and Ying Fang.

Nah, I finally have a picture of my best friend. She looks so happy.

Jam session.

and the person I will miss most.
This will be like our last gathering before he goes to Brisbane :/
BUT FRET NOT IVAN, I WILL, earn enough money to fly to Brisbane next summer so please don't forget your awesome friend me ok ? :)

Went go-kart after that but I was too chicken to go ride so no pictures. boohoo.


Teluk Batik BBQ

This was a BBQ the juniors organized for us, I mad touched la for all the effort they put in.

Sand through my feet. LOVEE :)

Our campsite. I tell you the juniors mad awesome brought all the food, brought all the things we need, ALL THE WAY FROM SITIAWAN. Teluk Batik is like half an hour / 45 minutes away from most of their houses.

Too chicken to try. too.

Na rombo allega irrekke. muahahahahahaha.

I'm just kidding. Figure out yourself what that means :B
SO MANY TYPES OF FOOD I TELL YOU, more than RM200 worth of food.
Somemore got my favorite sparkling juice *runs around in circles*


So I guess thats the end of my after-spm celebration.
It was fun, with all the people I love.

I should leave the I-miss-you Sitiawanese for my next goodbye post when I leave for Melbourne next February, but still I will be away for a month and I will miss my friends, him, my dogs etc etc. Will blog in Aussie / NZ when I have the time, or the wifi.


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