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Remember the link I desperately posted nearly everywhere asking for votes ?
Yeah well the contest ended today at 12pm and I lost by 8 votes.

Contest was supposed to end last night (when I was leading and have no internet connection due to the lightning) but deadline was postponed till this afternoon at the last minute. The judge's decision is final and results will only be announced on the 15th of December so I don't know what I would be getting YET.

But this blogpost is to thank EVERY ONE OF YOU who helped me because without ANY of you, it would be pretty impossible to get so many likes.

Guess how many likes and shares I've got ? :)
WHOPPING 1151 votes and 61 shares !!

Ok actually not really impossibru. Might be possibru if I'm really really popular and my dad is a fehmas footballer or something but for me ? I still cannot believe it.

Even my brother and usually-dont-give-a-shit cousins chipped in by helping me share to their friends ! SO TOUCHED LA WHY YOU ALL SO NICE ? *tears*
So even if I'm dwelling in disappointment and feeling upset cos of the internet connection and the sudden change of deadline causing my lost, I'm still happy I felt so much of love from all of you. Whether I end up getting first, or second, or third, or none at all, doesn't matter anymore.

My mum actually asked me : "Your friends so free meh ? Everyday help you click this click that." I don't know, I might have annoyed like 23748923 people but seriously,


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