Update : 5/11

by - 5:01:00 PM

HELLO, just so you know, I'm still alive and breathing and yes oxygen is still diffusing into my haemoglobin and are being transported to all my body cells in the form of oxyhaemoglobin for cellular respiration. *fist pump* THAT WAS SPM ESSAY WORTHY.

#1 It has been raining ALOT.

I don't like rain at all. Its so gloomy and emo.
but there was one evening when the sky was SO PRETTY it was in a shade of turquoise.

I just stood there in amazement.
Just kidding, I whipped out my phone and took this picture.
This picture is edited cos I can't seem to take any pictures with the right colour but it looks something like this.

#2 World's best breakfast

Life is complete, if History book isn't in the picture.

#3 Dressed up for halloween ?

Ok, putting on Marie cat ears doesn't count as dressing up as a cat.

but at least we did something scary lah.

#4 Floral makeover at home

New pillow covers for the dining room ! :))
Tons of changes going on at home. Will blog about it some other time.

#5 Uncle's big 70.

Not really sure which uncle,
but the food was good HA HA.
My extended family is so huge that if you know a person from Sitiawan with the words "Ling" and "Dao" in their names, they're highly likely my cousin brother.
I only know around 15 of the Ling Dao(s) LOL.

Fatty looks pretty handsome here.

#6 SPM is still being a bitch

I hope you see 5 tables, cos if you don't, I'll really need to clean up.
4 tables for me, 1 for fatty. MUAHAHAHA.
Thank you dad and mum for not nagging, I promise I'll clean up after SPM :P

SPM on the 14th, so yeah stop asking me when it is and making me kancheong ok ?


Heard this on facebook, and now I can't stop.
I think i've listened to it more than 20 times today already. LOL

#7 Happy 9gag day !

If you do not know 9gag, then find out whats 9gag HERE
and remember. I'm the one who ruined your life. muahahahaha.

Will only be doing update posts for the meantime.
I'll be back, soon :)

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