Last day of school

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Today was officially the last day of school and as I write this, my tears just can't stop flowing. The place I've called school for the last five years is now history.

HAH, just kidding.

Last day of school for SPM candidates was supposedly last week.
Will let pics do the talking.

Supposedly last day of school

Bersemangat kids.
Had more pictures at the canteen with our cake and all but Cathy accidentally reformated her memory card before school ended LOLOL.

Was in a hurry while I did this, resulting in this :/


Actual last day of school
Ok we weren't even supposed to go to school.
There wasn't even classes for us T^T

but its okay, signed tees LOL

Not much pictures because apparently its still a crime to bring cameras to school even on the last day of school. :/

Class Party

Wasn't even our class party.
Was supposedly science 2's but because we science 1s were bored we tumpang partied.

Science 2 gets free MCD with leftover class fund.
Science 1 ......... HAS NO LEFTOVER CLASS FUND. T^T x2

Pictures that don't fit into any category

Hawker supper after Immortals :D :D

From now on I'll only be going to school for papers, no more classes, no more busy people walking around / bumping into people at the busbay / Indian uncle food.
But it was awesome while it lasted. I'm gonna miss school.
Am I the only one who is anticipating the day school reopens ? :))


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