Monday, November 28

Labelled RACIST.

I should never underestimate the number of people who read my blog.
I've always thought that people who read my blog are either bloggers / friends / close friends / family but WRONG.

Recently I've come to realize that I actually have people from school reading my blog. It kind of makes me satisfied that someone cares to read about my #crap but at the same time worried. I mean, my arch enemy who has been trying to device a plot to kill me in my sleep might be reading this while throwing darts at my picture. I dono there's a possibility.

I also found out that there are people who read my blog that find me RACIST and somehow caused much discomfort and uhm dislikeness ?
So yes, this blogpost is to clarify that, for all my past posts, I've never *underline underline bold bold bold underline ; font size 70* intended to offend anyone.

Yes I write to express and I know explaining this kind of thing totally isn't something I would usually do BUT YOU KNOW I CANNOT SLEEP WITH THIS GUILT.
Ok lied again, I slept like a pig yesterday. It just keeps on bugging me.

I think I'm a pretty cool person what ! Who on earth would think I'm RACIST ??

Sorry thats supposed to be a joke. So yeah I just want to say, talk to me, be my friend. THEN call me racist if you really think so :)

Also, for a few months I've been debating with myself to start this blog all over again from scratch. Need new domain, need new (more society contributing) posts.
Therefore I've made up my mind.

I will be deleting most of my old posts, by the mid of January.
So don't say I never tell you and go read if you want ok ?

Last but not least,
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CleverMunkey ® said...

at least u have people reading ur blog right? haha

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Like the old saying goes, 'They see you rollin they hatin'. Them people who thinks you're a racist probably spends a lot of time reading your blog and analyzing your choices of words, the flow of your sentence and the intrinsic thoughts of your posts.

Fehmes liao lor you. :P

j_fish said...

THere are always people who are over sensitive. You can't take care of everyone's feelings.

Just be you.

FiSh said...

dont delete old posts :( you should feel glad that people are significantly influenced by your post :P


Shuwen said...

@clevermunkey HAHA yeah thats one thing to rejoice :P
@vintsen still not as fehmas as you heh heh.
@j_fish true. hmm :)
@Fish I've actually considered for quite long d XD because my really really early posts just takes up space and all XD