Graduating high school.

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14 more days till SPM and for the Form Fives, we are at the edge of graduating. Semi graduates ? When I first stepped into Form 1, I couldn't help thinking

"FIVE MORE YEARS, and I'm going to college. ha ha ha"

Even two months ago, my mind was full of

"SEVEN MORE MONTHS, and I'm going to college. ha ha ha"

but honestly, I can tell you now, school hasn't been all that bad to me. I met new friends here, learnt life values, a place I really grew up.

So for this blogpost, I am going to post up pictures of the most memorable moments of my high school life. You may see never seen before pictures that are going to appear in the school magazine so yay, lucky you for reading this :)
I got all the years jumbled up but then you can probably see the difference between early high school and late high school since I'm constantly growing horizontally.....

#1 Life in ACS Military band.
Honestly, we've never really won anything from band competitions,
but we did earned friendship and tons of funnn :)

One of the earliest pictures.

Teluk Rubiah 2008.

Band camp 2009 with two of my fave people back then.

Telematch 2010

Speech Day 2011. IKR we have pretty cool uniforms :)

#2 Life in Interact.
no other word to describe except for awesome.

DIC with the Nan Hwa boys.

Recycling project. That was our uhm Tugu Interact ACS.

Telematch, which we won :P

Interact Installation.
I'm putting this picture up cos then when one of these pretty girls turn into a world famous model or some celebrity, I can tell everyone I know them and cheat more people to come read my blog. GENIUS.

Handover party with the incoming board.
This one is memorable cos the incoming board were actually naive enough to go all the way down to Lumut to get us Capri spaghetti just cos we requested it :)

#3 Editorial board.
Editorial room = happiest place in school.
Ok maybe a lot of people went in there to skip class but then in there, we have had the experiences and fun that no teacher, no subject, can ever ever give you.

The place where I learnt more about photoshop, where I could menzahirkan my emosi through the school magazine.

The place where I met all these wonderful people who pretty much have non-stop crap flowing out of their mouths. We can like build a crap country out of all that crap we produced.

Meet the people who design your school magazine.
Here, I've learn that, when people throw obstacles at you, you find an alternative route and do a better job to show those people blocking you to success how much more you can do.

Through EB also, I have access to all the pictures that will appear in the magazine.
Like this one. MUAHAHAHAHA.

Also met my favourite Indian junior ever.
He's the kind of dude who I can go up to and say
and I know he won't be too offended cos he knows I'm joking.

#4 Everything Else

Skipping class and parading the school like a boss.

With photographer Chee.

When I was still skinny with the usual gang. IMYF 2009.

With Jenn. She is so many things seriously.
The love of my life, the love of my best friend's life etc etc.

Ivan's surprise party 2010.

Kenny's birthday 2010.

Spot little Kenny at my 5th birthday party ! I can't believe we've grown soo much.

San Yee's birthday with all the band seniors.
Just this picture alone consists of 3 band leaders, 2 treasurers and 1 conductor.

Korean concert at church dressed up as superheroes 2010.


Parading Cameron Highlands in pyjamas with le husband.

Parading Penang with le pyjamas again during Family Camp.

School trip @ KLCC.

Galdys' birthdayyy.

Julia the exchange student from Germany and the best friend
Hung out so much with this two girls that we even slept together.

Girly sleepover, what were you thinking ?

Chee's 17th with all the leftover food from Interact Carnival.

Birthday party 2011.

Not just through school but through tuition.
I met this amazing friend who taught me how to facetime and drove half an hour from Ayer Tawar to my house just to attend my birthday party.

Form Five had been really memorable.
Just look at the awesome people in my class.
So colourful :))

Ten years later I am definitely gonna read this post again and go.

"Wow, my high school had been full of fun and totally no regrets at all"
I've done all the things I've dreamt of doing with all the people I love.
Told all the people I love that I really do love them.

and mastered the art of Selca.

Every single memory, no matter happy or sad, is gonna be something memorable to me.
I actually DO have something to tell my kids now.
This five years of high school,
is gonna be the best five years of my life.

I still can't believe I'm graduating ;(

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