Tuesday, November 8

Facebook deactivated.

I cannot believe I just did that. Considering I live facebook, eat facebook, sleep facebook.
My facebook has always been on 24/7 and this morning,

I deactivated my facebook account.

Reason ? I've been spending WAYY too much time on facebook.
ESPECIALLY ON TETRIS BATTLE. I tell you, that game is so addicting that it was worth sacrificing my beauty sleep. So yes, I just figured I need to discipline myself a little.

I doubt most of you would read this though cos you guys don't check my blog out if I don't post it on facebook ;(
but I hope you guys will miss me :)

Facebook say one !

I'll miss you guys too (provided I don't reactivate my account 2 hours later)
Anything important please don't hesitate to text me.
Oh and my twitter is still on :P


LeiWen Pang said...

OMFG. *salute

FiSh said...

dont deactivate your blog then ok d :)