Wednesday, October 12

17th Birthday Party

Warning : This is a really long post with a whole load of pictures, be warned that you will see a lot of ME :)

Celebrated it with Dad because our birthdays are one day apart.
Best part of having a birthday party with all your dad's friends ?


Will let the pictures do the talkingg

ALOT of food. Some by mum, some by mum's friends :)

Bunch of my closest friends :D

Two of my tallest friends (Its not cos im short)

Lots of love from adorable niece.

Fatty and fatty. FATTY ATTACK *splat*

Lougong and Vivian :))
Yi Lin was the first to come help out at home ! Credits to her for the chicken and sandwiches !
Thank you oh so much for always looking out for me like a sister :D

Le childhood best friend :)

Primary school friends !
People who have came to all my birthday parties since I was standard 3 !


I told mum the ps3 will be the busiest place.
PICTURE PROOF. Everyone is somehow absorbed by FIFA.

This year was really crazy, I got so many meaningful presents I'm gonna cry.
All those days being patient with you guys whispering into each other's ears without letting me in on the surprise was totally worth it !


Thank you so so much for always being there for me :))
And also for helping me cook chicken before the party muahahaha.

Took her THREE NIGHTS. *tears silently*

Scrapbook from Cathy and Kelly !

and when they say birthday wishes from everyone,

They really do mean everyone.
Teachers, friends, long lost friends, family. I'm touched *tears again silently*

They took days to finish this ! Hoping I wouldn't go to school so that they can finish their mission haha ! THANK YOU FOR THE HARDWORK !!

I am sooo bringing this book to fan meetings :P

Bio Essence from the Nan Hwa friends !! LOVEE :))

Huge candy that turned out to be

and eyeliner from Pei Fern !
I will definitely learn how to put on make up :)
Thank you for making me go through ALL THAT newspaper. HAHA !

If you put some of my presents together, you also get

I have kinda perverted friends.

Thanks Kenny, Chee, Alvin !

Thank you to my fat bro for entertaining my guests with FIFA 11 too :D

and of course, THANK YOU MUM for cooking + cleaning
THANK YOU DAD for paying and having rich friends who gave me angpao HAHAHA.
Just kidding :P

To everyone who came, thank you so so much for just the presence.
What would my life be without any one of you ? :)


Camy said...

awwww. sweet birthday! Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

Sydney said...

omg cane get over how cute you look with the new haircut!! also you look good in the dress!

oh happy belated birthday ;)))

Eric Lee said...

happy belated birthday...and that's a nicely done shoe too..haha

Shuwen said...

HAHA actually my real birthday isn't until Sunday :))
@Camy thanks !
@Sydney THANKS :D
@Eric yupp its really pretty :)

Mich said...

OHHHHH AMMMM GEEEEE !!! HAppy birthday in ADVANCE !!!! :D

Emeryn said...

u have a lovely birthday! haha I can't even recall when was the last time i had such birthday! enjoy it when u're young!

Henry Tan said...

lol! those uncles gave u ang pows? lol

dilys ★ yeak said...

WALAO! guys buy lingerie for you.. tsk tsk tsk! i thought that's what girls would do. XD