Slacking off.

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HELLO, recently I have been very free. VERY *font size 42*
My amazing school gave us ONE WHOLE WEEK off for Deepavali holidays. LUCKY INDIANS. The only bad luck they're facing is that it has been raining in Sitiawan nearly every day.

I tell you, it is as if thunder suddenly found lightning cheating on him with rain and thunder got so furious it bitch slapped lightning but lightning as the strong and stubborn female wouldn't admit to her wrong doings, so lightning flashed her angry face back and thunder bitch slapped her again. Repeat this process 24 times and you get whats happening here. #crap.

So I have been slacking off. Pretty much a big deal since SPM is 3 weeks away. Starting to slack off now is NOT a good thing. I've also lost the mojo to blog. Since its the holidays, nothing interesting really happens to me.
I've also lost the kepochiness to go hunt down blogs to read and comment :/
For short, I've been slacking off EVERY THING, I don't even know where my 24 hours went.

To summarize what I averagely did for the past 5 days :

#1 wake up
#2 walk around like a zombie in my pyjamas opening the fridge every 5 minutes
#3 go to bed.

I'm finally revisiting Kuala Lumpur tomorrow ! I've saved up a whole year just to go shopping ! (Lie, I actually saved up for 2PM concert, I just found extra).
and plus I am gonna go pick up my RM500 topshop voucher so woohooooo.
See you guys when I find my oohhmph again. however you spell that. And also..

Happy Deepavali !! I hope you guys will cheer up ok !
Who say raining cannot play fireworks ?

Ask Mario Balotelli la ! (READ)

He can shoot fireworks from window,
so why cant you ?

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