Monday, October 17


HELLO, I am finally of legal age to drive !

Turning seventeen was a major thing for me because that means my age spells my favourite magazine where I dream of working at one day ! whoop whoop !

I'm gonna list down a few things I think I've achieved and worth celebrating :D

Achieved !

#1 Learnt how to cook maggi and fry eggs

Laugh, laugh all you want.

#2 Got a totally new look !

#3 Gained like 5 kgs wtf.
I know lah, thats not even an achievement.

But do enjoy this picture of an expensive crepe.

#4 Won RM500 topshop !

#5 No bf for a year muahahahahaha.

#6 Failed my PJ with 28 marks.

At least now I have something interesting to tell my kids right ?

#7 Saved more than I expected for 2PM concert.

#8 Managed to finish up the school magazine !
Did you know how many obstacles were thrown at us ? So proud of the team !
Anticipating the magazine ? Well its not out yet so too bad,
but please enjoy this teaser, I hope it tickles your curiousity HAHAHA.

#9 Finished a year being IU Director and Band Conductor.

And the most epic achievement that I just achieved few minutes ago wtf
#10 FaceTimed for the first time in my life with the iPhone4 I've owned for nearly a year.

Thank you dh for helping me discover this amazing feature. wtf

Soon to achieve this year.

#1 Write a list of goals
Amazing ! I get to tick this off on the first day being Seventeen.

#2 Get myself a bf
who looks like the one on the right

Or maybe not, depends whether Ok Taecyeon notices my desperate tweets or not :S

#3 Get 10A+, if lucky 11 for SPM ?

#4 Lose 6 kgs
So that I can say I lose 1 kgs in two years instead of gain 5 kgs in two years HAHA.

#5 Get a domain and new header.
(This depends whether dad wants to invest in my blog or not :P)

#6 Decide on what to do with my future
I honestly do not know.

#7 Grow up
Just now I laughed at this Form 1 kid who was acting really childish around this guy and I realized, I am actually doing the exact same thing.

Hello seventeen year old still pretty awesome me :)
Double chin is also proof of the 5kg gain. omfg need diet.


Kian Fai said...

don't tell me you purposely wear the awesome T Shirt and end this blog post :P

Shuwen said...

I gang hao was wearing that tee !! :P

Hilda Milda™ said...

You won RM500 topshop? Sooooo nice. I used to love love love 7teen mag too until I turned 19, people keep teasing me reading that magazine ): Good luck in SPM! :D

Henry Tan said...

LOL! not having a bf for 1 year is an achievement. den get urself a bf is the next thing to achieve! geng! lol

ken said...

17 so young! lol..
sponge bob is not awesome :P

Shuwen said...

@Hilda HAHA WHY ? I super like that mag leh ! XD
@Henry HA.HA. Cos Idk since I was a kid my mum told me having a boyfriend is only legal after 17 LOL !
@Ken hahaha. I look young what ! :P Not spongebob awesome la. Im awesome :P :P just kidding

Sydney said...

omg you're so cool shuwen! congrats on all the achieved stuff and keep going! :D

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Hmm, who knows, maybe you can slash off item no. 2 on your to-achieve list during the 2PM concert? Maybe marries you and you can strike off item no. 6 as well.