My idea on LIFE.

by - 4:36:00 PM

One day, when I grow up, I am going to make my idea on LIFE a reality.
You may be scratching your head wondering what I'm blurting on about but really.

I am going to make a social network website called LIFE.

instead of"Add me on facebook" you now say "Do you want to be part of my life?"
Instead of saying "Welcome to facebook", you now say "Welcome to my life"
Instead of "What is on your mind?", you now say "Whats going on in your life?"
And then right, you can now say "Get a life, everyone has one"

This is so cool right right ? I should go find some China investors.
Then there'll be no more facebook/google+ MUAHAHAHAHAHA.

You do notice you just read a whole bunch of #crap that will have no contribution to world hunger and poverty right ?
and also the fact that you've read up to here totally shows that you don't have much of a life. AND THAT IS WHY YOU NEED MYLIFE.COM

Sorry, I'm probably the only one who needs a life here *sigh*

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