KL shopping being RM500 richer.

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Few weeks ago I won RM500 Topshop voucher on Says. (READ)
So I da fei zhou zhang de went to KL for shopping and also to pick up my vouchers.

Day One.

Credits to the generous brother who paid for my three meals. MUAHAHAHAHA.

Was supposed to have a full-day of shopping but then was whisked off to my uncle's church for some grand musical to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

Spent one afternoon at One Utama hunting for a dress and shoes since I didn't bring anything for a fancy dinner.

F21 chiffon dress. SO LIGHT LIKE FEATHER :D

The cousin. Flip flop shoes with dresses ftw. Couldn't find any shoes we liked.
I was really happy with my cheap buy when someone commented going
"Is that your new pyjamas ?" T__________T

Day Two

Day to pick up the vouchers !

Went to Says.my 's secret hideout. Me and fatty got kind of lost in the building.
We went up to that floor and we saw this LONG NEVER ENDING CORRIDOR with a lot of other fancy offices with glass doors and bells. Felt like I was in... Gringotts.

Walked till the very end of the corridor just to see metal bars and a sign that says
"Says.My secret hideout"

Pic credits : SAYS

Super contrast to all the fancy glass doors before it.
Met Yuna for the first time and had a tour around their office.

Not only do they have cool walls for the staff to scribble anything on, they also have a plasma TV, xBox and a bed for those who are tired. The first thing I saw when I went into the office was also a long table with tons of junk food sitting on it.

It wasn't just for Topshop, but for Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, Warehouse, BCBG etc too ! Went to Mid Valley just to find out RM500 can't really buy me anything in Topshop. fml

Really liked a wool jacket in Topshop that costs like RM498 fml x2

So went to Dorothy Perkins and got a similar one for RM296.


Top from Miss Selfridge, High waisted pants from Levis.

Spent the rest of the vouchers on fatty because he mad saint belanja me lunch.
Went back to One Utama again and tricked fatty into donating me his last RM50.

Which I spent immediately getting this top from F21 wtf.

By that time both of us were BROKE. There were like 0 notes in my purse.
Right when I thought I was doomed, mum called and said she was in the same mall.


Then I found this.
and my purse went back to 0.

Aaah, shopping has never been so satisfying.
Buying something with free vouchers just feels different from buying with hard-saved cash.
I don't even know whether I am RM500 richer / RM500 poorer now.
Someone just reminded me that SPM is 17 away.
So yes, this is like the last of the pampering.
Hardcore studying starts now.

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