Monday, October 3

I don't need but I need.

Recently I briefly cleaned my wardrobe and I realized how much #crap is in it. Its almost as much as the #crap that my mouth produces.

More than half of my clothes are like for when I lose 5 kgs or something because I wasn't confident with my body. But after I refound my confidence recently, I've decided I should dig up all my clothes and wear each one of them.
There were SO MANY CLOTHES I do not need / cannot wear. Sorry dad, for I have sinned and wasted your money :/

One small part of the clothes I am going to give away.
Ironically, I've been throwing out a lot of clothes but I want to go shopping for more clothes.

Long ago buried in my closet : -

Chain necklace : Diva
Grey top : FOS
High waisted skirt : Gift from Aussie.

I don't usually wear long chain necklace, let alone bright pink ones that says "LOL" but I love this weird confidence that has been flowing around me lately :D

I even got myself a pair of Esprit jeans. I NEVER WEAR JEANS because jeans shortened my already shortened legs. DEAR LEGS, Y U NO LONG LIKE HYUNAH'S ???

Went to Ipoh and brought all these back that I had to apparate into that room.
So now you know how large my family's butts are :D



toninkush said...

That's a lot of tissues LOL

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Mich said...

WHOW .. that's a whole lot of tissues @@

LauraLeia said...

*tries hard to ignore the bunch of tissues* I have the same problem! Too much clothes that I bought and never worn! :( Sorry dad....

Hilda Milda™ said...

That happens to me all the time too, have damn loads of clothes but never feel that it's enough :P yet I always wear the same ol few pieces HAHA