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Tell me, how much does the word FOOD mean to you ?

I am in a love hate relationship with food. Food means a lot to me, I cannot live without food, neither can you, or any other walking/breathing thing.

I especially love food when it looks like...

Cheese spider crab.

Lobster sashimi

Big apple donuts

Godiva Cheesecake

Char Koey Teow

CREPE !!!!

Peking Duck
or my all time favourite

Foochow kompiang.

Like most people, I'm on the edge of LIVING TO EAT instead of EATING TO LIVE.
Which is why I see scary numbers reflecting back on the weighing scale.

When these scary numbers reflect back at me, thats when the hate part comes in.
As much as I love food, I seem to be on a diet everyday. Sometimes I skip meals and restrict myself from grabbing at the delicious chocolates piling up in my fridge.
Sometimes also because of I look forward to good food so much, I take my food for granted. I must admit that the amount of food I have wasted all my life (during buffets / when I'm too full) could probably feed a lot of poor kids.

Therefore today, to repent on the times I've treated food like crap, I am dedicating this blogpost for BLOG ACTION DAY 2011 #BAD11. Its an annual event that unites the world's bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day. Their aim is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion around an important issue that impacts us all.
This year, the theme is FOOD.

Watch this

The F-word. What is the real obscenity ?

Well guess what, Famine is.

While you're busy asking your friends for suggestions on where to have lunch,
these kids don't even know what lunch is.

They don't care how good the food tastes like, all they want is food because unlike the majority of the people reading this, they eat to live.

Not too long ago, I thought of something that I really am ashamed of. I told myself -
"So what if I waste food ? Its not like the poor kids will be getting the food I'm wasting anyway" But honestly, I take that all back.

People out there have NO CHOICE but to starve, but because I want to impress someone and fit into that size 4 dress I am CHOOSING to starve. It just sounds plain wrong to me right now.

Famine is man made.

To help make this famine a past, sign the petition HERE says : "We're not asking for your money, we're asking for your voice"

So the next time you take food for granted, think of the millions of children out there who would love to just have a bite.


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