Final Interact Installation.

by - 4:30:00 PM

Time flies, without me realizing, I was attending my LAST Interact Installation as the International Understanding Director.

I just got the pictures from our photographer of the night
Won't be posting too many pictures of that night here so I'm sorry if you see me in nearly every picture hahaha. Apparently I did the usual Shuwen stunt by bringing a camera without memory card.

I shall let the pictures do the talking :)

President Ruth

Emcees. Arghh, Lilyn (left) looks so pretty in everything.


Outgoing and Incoming directors.

I think I blend in with this bunch of pretty girls pretty well hor :D #modest

IU Director term 2010/11 ! :D

Bestest friend ever. (Who compliments my height too muahahaha)

Best performance by the power singh Viveek.
He sang Qing Fei De Yi, CHINESE.

and also unisex SNSD. MAD HOT I TELL YOU.
Bodies so flexible its almost as if I went to a full blast concert.

Part of the outgoing board.

Like the awesome pictures ?
All credit goes to our photographer of the night
Vicknesh Prasad !
This is a really bad picture of me but I like it cos apparently this is his first camwhore picture with his dSLR ! WHAT AN HONOUR :P


Now that you're so cheap EVERYTHING FLIES.
Including my time in high school :/

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