People had been nice to me.

by - 6:51:00 PM

For the past few days, people have been especially nice to me. So nice that I don't know how to repay all of you. Life feels best when people give me free good food. HAHA !

Free food of the week :

CAKEEE from the female husband who came over.
I don't know how but somehow we can chat for really long hours.
Once we went to Tesco, bought ice cream, went back to her car, and chatted for half an hour with the engine on, in the parking lot.

MORE CAKE from dad !

Complimentary Goma ice cream by Foos Steak House !
Best ice cream I've tasted in Sitiawan.

Complimentary pineapple + watermelon juice by The Bar, Marina Island !

This is not food, but its my first time watching a football match.
Plus something that had me smiling for days happened during this match.
So I guess its worth sharing too.

So yes, thank you for all the free food. If you have more free food to give me, please do not hesitate :)) HAHA you should also consider giving me this.

photo credit :

and no I'm not stupid, I do know its called murukku ok, I just momentarily forgot.

I'm just kidding, the only thing that should treat me nicer is the weighing scale. :/

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