The Bar @ Marina Island.

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The Bar @ Marina Island

The restaurant entrance was pretty hidden as you have to climb this small windy staircase next to Secret Recipe to get to the restaurant.


The menu was really big turn off. There were only two pages. One for drinks one for food but since its called THE BAR and kitchen, I guess I can understand.

We were asked if we wanted any recommendations from the chef so we said yeah sure why not. So we asked the chef what was good and he freaking replied

"We have pasta.. and pizza.. The pizza and pasta is good"

Which is equivalent to saying "Everything on our menu is good" since the menu consisted of pasta and pizza only LOL.

Hawaiian Smoked Turkey.
Lovee the crispy crust and the generous amount of pineapples !
Just enough for three people.

Spaghetti Con Fungi.
Tastes a little mild but its showered with tonnes of my fave mushrooms so yay !

Spinach & Escargot.
I wouldn't call it real escargot.
but the spaghetti was awesome.

Artistic shot fail LOL.

The pricing wasn't too bad compared to other western restaurants considering its environment and food quality. Three people for RM85.
Thank God for the boss who paid :)

The service sucked but the food and the environment paid off.
Situated next to the sea, windy and peaceful.
A place worth checking out.


p/s : If Jay Chou is getting married to 18 year old Hannah Quinlivan,
then does that mean there's a chance of me marrying 23 year old Taecyeon ? hmm.

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