Astro Xiao Tai Yang Roadshow.

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When Yi Lin asked me whether I wanted to work on a Saturday morning at Astro's roadshow in Chung Cheng, I didn't expect the whole event to be filled with

Adorable kids.
I really was expecting more teenagers / matured people. The only eye candy I get was the Astro worker who was in charge of security. Breathtaking LOL.

Shall let the pictures do the talking :)

Worked at the registration counter with Yi Lin.

There were SO MANY running around screaming laughing kids.

Astro Xiao Tai Yang crew and most of the kids.

We were wondering why there were so many kids gathering at a station two tables away from us,
Found out later that Cong Ming Shi Jie (translates : Smart world) comic's cartoonist was giving away autographs.

Didn't know who he was at first but I randomly asked a kid to get me his autograph.
Just in case he becomes a world renowned cartoonist, then I can sell his autograph for like RM100 on Ebay. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

He came and lepak-ed at our station for a while.

Cong ming shi jie fans, be jealous. muahahaha.

Kids started swarming our station after that LOL

More pictures of the cartoonist before he got dragged away.

The little girls were really crazy over him.
Imagine 7-8 year old kids getting his number and planning how to call him.

Adorable kids who dropped by :


#2 Kid scamming free badges.


#4 Qian.

This kid particularly liked me and Yi Lin, calling us her girlfriends.
She also particularly disliked Ja Lin.

Pointing to the ugliest angry bird and saying to Ja Lin "THIS, is you" LOL !!

Ok fine, she likes Yi Lin more
but then whats most epic bout this kid was, she thought we were real celebrities on TV.

She got like autographs from us and when other kids saw what she did, they started getting autographs from us too.
She even innocently asked me what channel I was on, so I kind of innocently lied that I was the lead actress in the drama Prince Turns into Frog alongside actor Ming Dao

She even said I will look like Jolin Tsai if I have long hair WTF. Y NO ONE TELL ME BEFORE ONE ?

According to the kids
Left to right : Melody Jie, Guitar Gege, donowho, donowho.

Melody Jie.


Guitar Gege caught redhanded wearing glasses with no glasses.

The sun and all his loving fans.

On TV, I've always seen Guitar Gege as a nerd.

but then when I saw him after the whole show,

Totally nerd-free and looking pretty good :)
Don't have a picture of the after-work him because he rushed off to his van while we were packing up.

Drop.Dead.Tired. but aaah, why are kids nowadays so adorable :D

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