You study for trials liao ah ?

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SPM trials is two days away. Not only is this exam important for my college application, I also made a deal with my dad that for every A+ I get, I receive RM50 but for every B I get, I have to pay him back RM50.

So heck this exam is important to me.
but then what have I been doing for the past few days ?

#1 House party number one.

#2 House party number two the very next day with the family.

#3 Segari trip with family
Went to the turtle sanctuary, then brought peanut to watch people play basketball, then to Marina Island, then to Secret Recipe then to roadside ramlee burger.
Will blog about it soon. Hopefully.

#4 Gua Tempurung trip
Oh heck I just reached home and I'm maddd tireddd.

#5 Busy getting pwned by a 10 year old.
This game on facebook, called Tetris looks really easy but HECK ITS MAD HARD OK.
All you need to do is arrange the blocks in complete rows.
I'm the one on the left and my little cousin is on the right.
2 lines vs 12 lines sent.

Also because she is a pro, she is handicapped (note the unmovable boxes on her side)
and she is of rank 21 (GENIUS). I'm like... rank 1 wtf wtf wtf.
Apparently the higher the number the pro-er you are.

and she even has the cheek to say "Give you win lah"

I seriously have to go study. I haven't been studying at all.
Home will be a little more quiet starting of tomorrow cos someone is leaving :/
I hope you read this, I'll miss you :D Come back next year alright ?

Seriously what am I doing ? My friends are... are in relationship with books and I'm..
blogging ?

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