Saturday, September 10

Friends ?

Warning : Wordy post ahead.

What are friends exactly ? We used to tell each other we will be friends forever but that was the situation 5 years ago. We told each other our friendship will not end just because we're going to different schools and meeting new people. 

It was all good for the first year, and that was when I lost contact with most of you. When we all had our own friends, our own responsibilities, our own lives.
Hi and Byes grew less and less and now, when we pass by each other on the road, it's like two strangers, in our own parallel lives.

Few days ago, you facebook messaged me, asking me whether I have tips for trials. I honestly told you I did not have any. You went offline.
You started the convo without a hi and left without a bye. Is that whats left of our friendship ? After more than 2 years not talking to each other, the first thing you say to me is "Do you have tips?" and THATS IT ?

It is kind of disappointing how the friendship we were all convinced will last till the end would fade away like that. We were young and naive, thinking we could face the world together and totally be fine even if an atomic bomb fell on us as long as we all stick together. but I guess thats not the case anymore.


On the other hand, today I went around asking for help, and no one would willingly help me. Their replies would say "Its ok I don't mind" but I know most of them do. They're probably going "why the fluck are you even msging me in the morning asking for favours ha ?" but he helped. We once betrayed each other, avoided each other, and I think I even swore never to talk to him (I did eventually wtf) but he was the first one to help me. He didn't really care what he would get in return but helped me just cos I was a close friend.
Even when it was a really mafan process.

In the past, at times when I need someone to talk to, he was there, as a great friend. 
I'm glad our friendship didn't end the way our relationship did.

Today I realized, people whom you go out with every day, might not be the people who are close to your heart. They may be there when you want to go to movies, but not there when you need a shoulder, or when you have a shoulder to lend.

but okay, I'm blessed with the awesome friends I have had up till now :) Those who stuck by me no matter what happened. 


Sorry for the emo post. Will blog about second wagyu beef encounter soon ! :D

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LauraLeia said...

I think we've all gone through (or going through) the same experience. Part of life. *shrugs* :)

Kian Fai said...

this is a life, especially encounter multi problem in friendship and relationship. Anyways just make sure don't get hurt so bad from friends who is very sensitive and got the envy personality lol :P

18WITHLOVE said...

want you when i go out for movies, am here too if u need a shoulder :D *loves

Shuwen said...

aww thanks guys for the lovely comments :)
@Jen *HUGGG*

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

people in our life come n go, but ur loved one always stay beside you. cheer up. :)