Wagyu Beef @ Kenneth's Place

by - 12:23:00 PM

Ok this time I have better pictures. I swear.

Note : I said better, not good :P

Kenneth's Place
Tel : 05-6919232
No 217, Taman Desa Bintang, 32000 Sitiawan.

Another Wagyu Beef dinner.
I am like attempting to make you think this beef is delicious by photoshopping
but I think I'm pretty much failing.

But the beef was really awesome.
Even though the.. bak choy ? was a turn off but the beef was really tender and juicy.
Not that much of blood compared to Wagyu Beef @ Foos even though both are medium rare thus I can finish the whole piece without feeling jelak.

(This pic is actually kind nice admit it.)
and the price was cheaper than Foos. Around RM700 for 4 people.
The only thing that loses out to Foos is the service but all is good :) Food compensated.

Dad says there's a restaurant in Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang selling awesome Wagyu and I'm dying to try it. Diet plan FAIL.

Seriously need to do something to my hair.
My hair totally reads = Old lack of semangat old witch who lives down the road :/

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