Monday, September 5

They said I couldn't do it.

700th post ! woohoo :)
Yesterday was 2PM's 3rd anniversary and they got #2 trend worldwide on twitter ! woohooo #2pm3yrs !!! Hoping for more works by them before they all get listed into the army.

Back to the point.
A friend of mine had always said I am never seen single. According to him, I can not live without a boyfriend (so not true) and that I have to cling on to a boy (so not true x2)
I told him I will stay loyal to my relationship with SPM and only SPM after my last breakup last year and he shrugged it off saying "HAH, less than a year later you'll be attached. Definitely. You can never stand being single" (SO NOT TRUE *bold*font size72*)

He even said "I don't think you've ever been single for more than 3 months" (NOT TRUE NOT TRUE *bold*fontsize 2479823423*)

Since he is so close to me, he should've noticed, it has been A YEAR.
My relationship with SPM is still lasting and running strong. No relationships apart from books and pens. ha.ha.ha.

I even bought like.. a slice of cake to celebrate. wtf
Looks like I'm not gonna break any new year resolutions this year :)
Thats for saying I couldn't do it. Nah, this is proof.

Sabi left for Taiwan today T___T
Come back next year okay ?


Henry Tan said...

there's a will, there's a way! =p

Sydney said...

love your new banner but the border isnt very nice imo :) x

*LOL the word verification is
fandom", cool