Surprise ! :)

by - 4:01:00 PM

Few days ago, Datuk Low decided to surprise big fatty with a birthday cake.

Datuk Low getting pwned.

My brother and his friend had birthdays just a day apart and we decided to surprise them at 11:59pm / 12:00am.

Birthday boys not knowing anything.

but then our surprise kinda failed
Since this picture was taken right after big fatty walked in going "YOU GUYS TALK SO LOUD LAH !" So okay, maybe I'm bound to only participate in fail surprise parties.

They look so happy no ? :))

Little fatty, Datuk Low, Wilson and big fatty. They all look like such great house husbands.
Well except little fatty, cos he'll probably be the first to grab his son's cake LOL.

Big fatty's friends went out and got kompiang after that.
which.. were then left in the fridge for a day where I was given a chance to take full advantage of.

Big fatty is leaving the country today and the house is already so quiet.
I'm missing the noise of people shouting over monopoly / FIFA already.
Reverting back to my old routine :-
Eat at 7, study at 8, sleep at 10. Getting back on diet.

Sorry for the uninspiring posts recently.
Trials has brain drained me. Like last night, I was reading out loud in my study room and I accidentally read strontium oxide as scrotum oxide.

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