Not studying 2.0

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Yesterday I was at the movies watching Nasi Lemak 2.0 and it wasn't very full. I hear someone asked loudly "Eh ? Why no one leh?" and another person replied "Form 5 people trials mah"

and I shuddered. wtf

Ok so, if I'm not studying, what the heck have I been doing ? MORE PARTIES ? Not exactly, but the house has been pretty noisy recently.

#1 Have been spending ALOT of time with the fatty brothers and big fatty's friend - Datuk Low.

and they all freaking play Zombie Cafe -.-"

Don't say I haven't been working hard, I HAVE. just not on trials.
I have been working REALLY REALLY diligently on..

so has the fatties. And we have like midnight battles to chiong level up wtf.

Multitasking fatty.

Watching football while playing monopoly.

Datuk Low and his mortgages.

#2 Watched two movies in two days.
Nasi Lemak 2.0 is goood :) Though too exaggerated but thats how Malaysia is no?


#4 I have also been taking care of Peanut

Who apparently, has flu.
Sitiawan's weather is deteriorating seriously. Can't even go outside without running in 10 seconds later shouting "WALAO WHO BURNING RUBBISH AGAIN"


I have been busy sharing links LEGALLY.
No more illegal sharing and breaking the rules.

Untitled-2 copy
You see, Says is back to give out awesomelicious prizes again.
What awesome prizes ? Let me list a few.

Macbookair, Ipad2, Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Cha Cha, RM500 cash, RM500 Topshop voucher, Fuji Instax mini 7, RM500 MnG voucher, Diana F + El Toro Lomo

Bold words are the ones I am really interested in winning.
You want to participate too ? Head on to !
Its really simple.
First, you choose a prize.
Second, you invite a friend and make sure he is an active user (get 3 unique clicks at least)
Third, only now are you eligible to win the prize. Start sharing non-profit campaigns !

But wait, you malas want to go invite people and you don't have an account ? Its ok. You know what is best about this contest ?
If I invited A, and I win, A gets the prize too. GOOD RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT

So who wants Fuji Instax mini 7 and join me in sharing this good cause to spread non-profitable organizations' good causes ?

Click here to sign up with facebook and spread 3 links ! (For Fuji Instax Mini 7)

Who wants RM500 topshop vouchers ?
Remember, you're not just helping me win, you're helping yourself win too if I win. Geddit ? :)

Which reminds me, I haven't touched any Moral or Physics revisions yet. :/
Will update when I have the time.


SAYS : You see pets roaming around the streets and you wonder how you can help them. Guess what ? Adopt a pet now at SPCA ! Fill your life, fill its life. Double win.

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