Nasi Lemak 2.0

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Nasi Lemak 2.0
Do you know why I like this movie ?
No its not because I am a fan of Namewee and
NO, its definitely not because I'm CHINESE.

This movie made me love Malaysia all over again.

I bet most of you who have watched it would agree with me. It reflects ALL THREE RACES, the lives of Malaysians. The perfect movie for everyone.
I felt so proud to be Malaysian when I saw the videos of Nasi Lemak 2.0 screening in Melbourne, I felt so proud to think that "Wow, this movie is good, and its made in Malaysia, with actors from all three races ! Cool or what ?"

But then today, I read a few forums, and I was once again disappointed.
There was one particular forum (I wouldn't name which), where a few Malays gathered to discuss about this movie and their comments, were honestly..


I actually googled this movie cos I heard it was gonna get banned and I wouldn't want it to be banned cos my mum haven't had the chance to go watch it and I wanted to watch it again with her after exams. That was how I found the forum.
The Malays there referred Namewee as Cina Babi

Few other comments included

#1 "Daripada apa yang aku baca kat forum, filem ni sentiasa full house di pawagam GSC, seperti yg aku jangka, nampaknya org2 cina mmg menyokong penuh filem si celaka ni"

You've not even watched it ! HOW YOU KNOW ? SO PSYCHIC ONE ? Can help predict my Trial results ah ?

#2 "Yang paling tak tahan nak pulak si adibah dgn afdlin ni berlakon dgn mamat psiko ni. Hilang respek aku !"

respect brother. RespeCT

#3"Dia ni patut dah kena lucut kewarganegaraan dia.. kalo kat negara china org mcm ni dah lama kena pancung."

I've only been to China once and I didn't see anyone kena pancung. How ah you know ppl will kena pancung there ? I also wanna go see where you see.

#4 "Kalo aku ni gangster mcm dlm filem kl gangster tu, dah lama aku kasi potong si bagero ni."

Ya I know right, KL GANGSTER (name is self explanatory) is the best movie ever right ? So yeng, somemore got lu langsi lu mati or i kahwin or smth.

#5 "Cina sial...."



All I want to say is, (not speaking as a Chinese here, but as a MALAYSIAN). Don't criticize and call this movie racist before even watching it. Your favourite Malay idols are on it, and no they are not hating against their own race.
They know what good stuff this movie is, that is why they are acting in it.
A movie shouldn't be judged by the race and religion watching it, but by the content and by far, this has been the best Malaysian movie ever.

If you choose to watch KL Gangster instead of this, then its up to you.
But don't criticize it just because you have personal hatred towards Namewee.

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