Merdeka over liao meh ?

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Three years ago I would be up at 4am, at Dataran Ipoh waiting for our turn to march out for the annual merdeka march. It would be tiring but it would be fun.
We would see all the flags waving back at us, seeing all the people, young and old standing by the roadside to see the grand march with little flags in their hands. Everyone would be in the celebrating mood.

When I was a kid, I remember going around town during merdeka seeing everyone with flags on their cars and see houses decorated with flags.

Our Independence Day has become so insignificant to some Malaysians that they don't even hang up their flags anymore. Our nenek moyangs worked so hard to free Malaysia from the hands of the English and now, no one appreciates this important day anymore ?

Don't say you hate Malaysia. You may hate the politics and all the quarrels and news on TV but then, Malaysia is a country. Our government isn't named Malaysia.
No matter you're rocket or barisan, I think you're still a Malaysian.

I spent my Merdeka being a hypocrite. Cos I didn't do anything patriotic either hahahahahaha. Ok sorry, but at least my dad hung the flag high up on our house gate and sang Negaraku while doing it so at least there's some patriotic blood flowing in me la. ehehehe.
Spent Merdeka morning with the family lining up for bak kut teh.

Fatty #2 and Fatty #1 with the same expressions.

Played with mum's new toy in the afternoon.
Everyone, meet...

The Cruncher.
Competed with cousins, brothers and also my mum LOL.

Bascially you have to hold it like that and move your whole body up.

Its not as easy as it looks ok ? Its mad tiring.

The muscle sores on the arms and stomach lasted for two days ok. No kidding.
Its so tiring I can totally picture myself looking like this after three months.

This is like my all time fave female celebrity la can. I like her so much I even made her picture my phone screen saver. wtf

Big party at home tonight ! :) ME ME ME TO EXCITED ITS FREAKING FRIDAY AGAIN ! haha. Looks like I'll be blogging about This Friday Night sooner than Last Friday Night. LOL ok I really should stop quoting Rebecca Black and Katy Perry on Fridays.
Goodbai :))

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