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Tomorrow is finally the last day of SPM trials. (Well for me at least, if you have a paper on Friday then too bad lah. :P)

Trials has been going on for TOO LONG.
Its so long, it can like.... be wound around the Earth two times.
#coldjoke #silence

I swear, if Trials goes on for another week, I'll either look like this

or this

Whichever you find more amusing.

Oh look, someone just sent me a text.
Tips for Accounts are the chapters I've been trying to cram into my head since a year ago. I CANNOT, understand Accounts. It is un-understandable.

But then on the bright side, I've got my whole weekend packed !
Gotta catch up with my 8 hours of sleep to regenerate that facial skin. So many outings with new AND old friends planned ! WHOOP :))

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